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Construction Photography


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The types of photographic services we provide range anywhere from project progress photos, to marketing services, to insurance or accident documentation. We have the flexibility to work with each client and produce a quality product. Feel free to contact me and discuss your project needs.


When doing construction project photography, it pays to have years of experience working on construction sites. You can have a great photo with perfect composition and lighting, but it's useless if someone is doing something that's unsafe. It's also very important to know when it's too dangerous to be in a certain area. No photo is worth getting hurt or, more importantly, putting someone else at risk. Managers on site have enough to worry about without having a photographer getting in their way.


Display quality prints are available. Contact me to discuss prices and sizes available.

Copyright Notice:
All photographs are copyrighted by Bill Stanfill. They are however, available for purchase or lease. Usage fees are determined and negotiated depending on the desired usage and other factors. Contact me to discuss prices.

Stock Photo Notice:
Bill Stanfill Photography maintains a constantly expanding file of digital, print, and 35mm transparency images. I would be happy to work with you to find the perfect image for you. Feel free to contact me with your stock photo requests.


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